Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions you have been asking us, we will keep on updating this list.

There are three organic suppliers at the markets where we purchase our fruit and veg from. Our main supplier is Organic Growers Group who we have a very good relationship with. They understand we only offer a one day a week delivery service and quality is of upmost importance to us and our customers.

We do not charge any shipping fee for orders above Kes. 1500 and within the specified areas (see terms & condition). We encourage to order veggies and or fruits worth more than Kes. 1500. However we also deliver orders less than Kes. 1500 at a extra cost of Kes. 200 per order due to COVID19 measures.

Normally we prefer to deliver within 24 hrs but you can get preferencial same day or within 2 hrs at a small fee depending on the order. Orders above Kes. 1500 can get same day delivery at no extra cost within the specified areas.

We price our fruits and veggies mainly using standard weight in gramms and or Kilograms. Our prices do not vary alot even if the products are in low season and our prices will always be better than the kiosk next door or any retail market within the city.

We will always advice which fruits and veggies are on season. We also import specific fruits, veggies and spices especially if they cannot be found within the country. is fully owned by Kibanda Fresh an enterprise registered in Kenya.

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Same Day Delivery

Due to COVID19 and government directive on the curfew we are delivering fruits and vegetables on the same day for orders received before 1400hrs EAT, and free delivery for orders above KES 1500 within the service areas. Our Delivery times have changed to 1600hrs. We apologize for any incoviniences caused.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We only accept premium quality fresh produce from our suppliers and excellent customer care to guarantee satisfaction.

Great Daily Deals Discount

We regularly have offers and discounts on selected fruits, vegetables, and spices.
Currently all discounts for our customers are being channeled to a children's home in Kasarani. We are contributing Kes. 100 from very over above Kes. 1,500 to the childrens' home.

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